Duffy Allen
Certified Advanced Rolfer™
Rolf Movement® Integrator


This has been one of the most positive, beneficial and productive physical experiences I have ever had. This is quite something coming from someone who has had a mixed relationship with my body for many years. It really did feel like my body coming home to itself, finally. All this and my hip, which had been causing fairly intense pain for many months, simply no longer hurts. I am still running, doing other forms of cardio and strength training, have not had to give ANY of that up. Only gave up the pain! Duffy has an exceptional intuitive sense coupled with obvious deep skill and expertise. Worth every penny and moment of time, no question.

Laurel, age 37 Denver

Duffy is a consummate professional - an excellent diagnostician who takes the time to get to root causes - she helped me stay flexible and well integrated for sports over several years - she was instrumental in my recovery from a broken foot - she is the best.

Mark Foster, describes himself as: mid 40s, aging boomer attempting to stay active in sports. He is happy to field inquiries at mafa@alaska.net

I could never get past the "it hurts" part. But one day I took a leap of faith and scheduled an appointment with Duffy Allen. By the end of my second session, I couldn't wait to get home to call my friend to tell her that she just had to be Rolfed by Duffy, calling her from my cell phone in my car outside of Duffy's place. I told my friend that there was something about Duffy that allowed me to have complete trust in her treating my body--this after years and years of being terrified of ever being massaged again after painful massage experiences. Just the work she did on my feet alone would have made the ten sessions worthwhile and never did I experience any pain in any of the sessions. My friend was equally pleased with her Rolfing® experience with Duffy and we (along with many, many other people)were very sad to see Duffy move from Anchorage to Boulder. Our loss is Boulder's gain.

Michelle, now age 63

Duffy's work is extremely gentle and deeply effective. Her knowledge of the organs and viscera bring a depth to her sessions that move the body into a higher plane of organization and function.

Gail Boerwinkle, Certified Advanced Rolfer™ in practice since 1989

I am a 48 year old female (no longer feeling middle aged, thanks to Duffy!). I began my Rolfing® experience with Duffy Allen. I came to her with a fairly "hammered" body due to being overweight, general inactivity, and a keyboarding desk job. When I walked, I lead with my head, shoulders hunched and back with a rather pronounced sway. I walked on the outside edges of my feet, constantly running my shoes over. I had also suffered from migraines for years.

I have nordic skied and run most of my life. For some reason, when I turned 50 several years ago my lower back said no! Duffy rode to my rescue. She successfully warned me off sit ups, and worked wonders. Although my times are no longer up to even our local citizen racer standards here in Anchorage, I bought new skis several years ago and have since put many satisfying Ks [kilometers] on them--thanks to Duffy! We wish she were still here, not there.

Jeff Landry, 53, Anchorage attorney, and nordic skier

I've since moved from Alaska, as has Duffy. I am now working with a physical therapist who is using a strain counterstrain technique and integrating that with acupuncture. Duffy's work helped me understand that balance can be achieved and pain can be assuaged with gentle and firm therapy. I miss her as a friend, as a healer, and as a guide.

J.L., 43, Washington State

Duffy is a true master - you will never be treated by a better Rolfer™. Give yourself a gift and go see Duffy. You will be very grateful you did.

J.M., Anchorage, Alaska

Duffy Allen does her powerful healing work with wisdom, love and gentle presence. Sensitive and attuned, and with heartfelt compassionate commitment to healing and awareness, Duffy assists her Rolfing® clients with integration and healing on all levels. She is aware, wise and present with the unique needs of each person's healing journey. Duffy is a person of high integrity, and one who is balanced with loving humor in her own life - she is always open to learning and growing in her field, and I wholeheartedly recommend her as a gifted midwife of soulness wholeness in the body. I recommend calling to save a place in this woman's busy schedule as soon as possible.

E.N., Boulder, Colorado

Extraordinary...my body still feels like on a weekly basis I'm Rolfing® myself.

Matt Kelley, Boulder, Colorado

With each session, I gained mobility, learned maintenance techniques and became more aware of my body. My body is now nicely stacked, head above shoulders, shoulders above hips, hips above feet. The transformation is truly amazing and much more than I ever thought possible. I wish you could see a before and after photo! I haven't had a migraine in a long time and now work to keep my body more fit. My biggest lesson was becoming aware of my body and committing to exercise, especially those that maintain flexibility. I now walk with joy in every step and no longer feel exhausted all the time.

This is the best makeover a person could wish for!

Woman, age 48, Anchorage, Alaska

Duffy's rolfing® and integrated movement styles embody the elements of wisdom, grace, and balance. I have witnessed the natural way in which my truest form has emerged as a result of my work with Duffy. I find myself having an abundance of energy, balance and inner peace in the flow of life. Not only my personal Self but also my career as a personal trainer and yoga instructor have profoundly been impacted by Duffy's work. I have settled into myself which as inspired a true balance and expression of my Self in all facets of my world.

J.C., 36, Boulder, Colorado

The first time I was Rolfed® it was 1981 and I have to admit it was painful. I continued nonetheless because the results were worthwhile. I can't remember who referred me to Duffy but I should find them to thank them. Duffy's Rolfing® technique is so completely different from other Rolfers; the visceral work is gentle, calm, deep and soothing. Duffy's approach is holistic, not just balancing body, but integrating body, soul, and mind; Duffy is a healer. In 1990 I was involved in a three-car accident which led to significant back pain and a herniated disk. Duffy's work helped me to manage and relieve the pain.