Duffy Allen
Certified Advanced Rolfer™
Rolf Movement® Integrator

Bio & Credentials

Duffy is a graduate of the University of Vermont (1988) and the University of Washington (1990). Duffy was certified as a Rolfer™ and Rolf Movement® practitioner in 1995 and received her advanced certification in 2002. In addition, she has studied the fascial systems of the viscera (organs), the nerves and the cranium in order to include these structures in her work. This allows her to work sensitively with the body's nervous system to allow this work to permeate deeply and to be thereby integrated into everyday life. She has also been a SourcePoint Therapy practitioner since 2008. SourcePoint Therapy facilitates all her work. SourcePoint helps by integrating the work very quickly,enabling greater function with every intervention.

Duffy lives in Middlebury, Vermont, and practices out of The Rolfing® Space. Her husband, Phil and son, Felix are both native Vermonters. As a family, they enjoy skiing, hiking and yoga. They are guardians of a tortoiseshell cat, Rumi.

On Becoming a Rolfer™

Education & Certifications

Board Certified Structural Integrator, International Association of Structural Integrators
2006 - present
Faculty Member, Rolf Institute of Structural Integration®
Certified Advanced Rolfer™, RISI
Certified Rolfer™ and Rolf Movement® Practitioner, RISI
M.S. Speech and Hearing Science, University of Washington
B.A. Communication Science and Disorders, University of Vermont

Additional Training

2006 - present
SourcePoint Therapy
Biodynamic Cranio-sacral therapy
additional Rolfing® movement training with Hubert Godard
1998 - present
Visceral manipulation


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