Duffy Allen
Certified Advanced Rolfer™
Rolf Movement® Integrator

Duffy's Approach to Rolfing® Structural Integration

I have been Rolfing since 1995. I have also been teaching and mentoring students and Rolfers™ since 2001. Between my private practice and teaching duties, I have administered or supervised more than 10,000 Rolfing sessions. I have worked with clients from just days old to clients well into their eighties. Athletes, musicians, moms, desk workers, laborers, adventurers and meditators have come through the Rolfing series with me. Every person's session is a unique event, tailored for the need of the person at that time. Most of my clients find the experience pleasurable and liberating. I work to empower and educate my clients to be more comfortable in their bodies for life, not just to feel good during the session.

I respect the wisdom inherent in the body as I work. We all know that our bodies have some capacity to heal--we get a cold and we recover. This basic drive back to health is also available to us with our acute and chronic injuries and pain. My job is to help my clients regain access to that healing force. By working this way, most clients find Rolfing to be a pleasurable experience. I find that I can work more profoundly in the body and that the work we do in a session can be carried out into my clients' lives more readily.

I work in conjunction with your other health care professionals. I have found that Rolfing supports the goals of chiropractic, physical therapy, acupuncture, pilates and yoga.